Meded Center visitors… Welcome to our new website! We have new classes and new formats. We hope you enjoy what you see and come back for more classes as we will be adding more on a regular basis.

Welcome to Access CE and participate in a learning experience that is designed to provide you with comprehensive training to help meet your certification and continuing education needs. Access CE offers online programs in an array of categories that, when completed, provide you with immediate results and a printable certificate! Our consortium of contributors are here to present you with learning modules that are timely, current, and targeted to your field of expertise.

The easy to navigate web site will assist you in completing your training with ease. You may view our programs at your leisure and at no charge. You don’t pay anything until you print your Certificate. Once you have completed your program, you may come back at any time to view your profile and easily obtain duplicate certificates. See our schedule of classes.

Access CE can provide contract education, individually formatted programs and individual training. Please use our “Contact Submission” format to get more information for on-site training. If you are an Educator and would like to contribute course-work, please contact us for more information as we are always looking for individuals who can help us improve our course offerings. Enjoy the experience! And please, let us know how we can best serve your needs.


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AccessCE is committed to providing high quality, accessible education that is learner-oriented with many approaches to education. Through our consortium of educators, we provide you with a dynamic learning experience.
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