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Go through the process of purchasing the course

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Find the course  that has your certificate

Select View Certificate

Access Codes are distributed to Contracted organizations.  Please see your HR or Office Administrator for your company’s Access Code

Depending on the organization that grants Access CE, Inc. approval to offer courses for Continuing Education, there may be a survey required by the approving organization.  If you have been directed to fill out a survey, then it is because it is required by that organization

The Affidavit is to assure Access CE, Inc. and the Approving Organization that you are who you are and that no one else is taking the exam for you

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Someone will get back to you within 24 hours

1. Register –top right If no license #, enter zero. At Professional License Type, if CNA, enter CNA. If any other category, enter Non-CNA, Register – an email will be sent for you to verify it. Follow instructions in email to Log in

2. View All Courses – Scroll to bottom, select Page 3, Select #301 Workplace Violence (CNA’s will need to select #701 on Page 1 (it’s the same course, but in a different location. CDPH rules). Purchase – Continue – Enter Access Code or pay – Proceed – Continue - Continue

3. Start Chapter 1 – Ok - Continue – Read the Chapter – scroll down to end for Exam Questions - Grade Exam

4. View Certificate, Click to confirm identity, Sign

5. View Certificate, print (right click mouse over certificate)

6. Close screen, log out by selecting the tab at top right “your email address.”

7. Select Log off. 

To complete Registration on the Access CE website, you must first "VERIFY" your email address.  To do that, you must go to your email (especially check your Junk or Spam folders) and follow the instructions for verifying your email address (User ID).

If you can't find this email, try to login again.  You will receive a message in a pink box telling you how to get that email re-sent to you.  It looks like this:

                 Username and Password are incorrect.
                 If you believed to have registered but are needing to activate your account, Resend Activation Now

Try clicking that link above, then enter the email you used to try to register and receive your registration email.


This short video illustrates the process when you try to log in.  Please click the link below.



Video :

This problem arises from:

1.  Slow internet connection - If the connection is too slow, the content will either take more time to download or will not download at all.  If, after waiting a significant amount of time, the course content still does not appear, you will need to use a different computer or a different internet source.

2.  Your Institution computer IT department may block downloading course content from the Access CE, Inc. website.  If so, you will need to either use a non-work computer or ask your company IT department to unblock the Access CE, Inc. website.

3.  Browser issue - Access CE, Inc. program works best on Chrome or Internet Explorer.  It may help to switch to one of these browsers.